Frequently Asked Questions

Sellingo is one of the most simple digital catalog creating platforms. Any business who wants to present their products/services in quick time & in low cost to their customers should definitely register on sellingo.
It’s very simple. All you need to do is download the mobile app by clicking this link here or you can also visit link on our website and quickly register by just verifying your mobile number.
Yes, you can register even if you do not have an email address. Sellingo works perfectly with Mobile number as an identity of your business.
Please restart your phone and try again. Normally the issue of network congestion is resolved by doing this. In case it’s not resolved, then please contact our support team @ [email protected] and they will surely help you out.
Whenever you create an account on Sellingo, our platform gives you an option to create a unique link for your business. Example If your company name is Cozy Homes, you can choose the name of your catalog as cozyhomes.sellingo.ai, if the name is still available for our platform :)
No, you cannot change the catalog link yourself. In case, you need to this, you can raise a request to our customer support team ( [email protected] ) and they will try to help you with a different link.
There are two easy ways to create the catalog but you have to install and use our Sellingo MOBILE APP, which can be downloaded by clicking Here
Method 1:
Step1: Login to the mobile app.
Step2: At the bottom of the app, click on the icon PRODUCTS.
Step3: Add the product with images, videos and all required attributes.
Step4: Open the CREATE CATALOG section. Add catalog description first and then set all the catalog settings as per your need. Once this is done, choose the selected products from the uploaded product list, rearrange the order of the products and publish this to the world.
Method 2:
Step1: Login to the mobile app.
Step2: At the bottom of the app, click on the icon CATALOGS.
Step3: Click on ADD CATALOG button
Step4: Define the catalog description first and then define the various available settings of the catalog to make it most effective. Then Add the products on the go by either selecting images from your phone gallery or you can also click the photos directly from the App. The best part is, you can also upload videos of your product or you can choose a youtube URL to present your product.
Step5: Give product description, set all required attributes, price and quantity which helps your customer to understand the product in better way and buy it easily.
No, it will not. Sellingo wants you to create new catalogs for new products without paying additional money, every time. So, whenever you delete a catalog, it will be deducted from your catalog count and you can enjoy adding a new catalog.
Managing a catalog on sellingo is a cakewalk. While you are on the Catalog Listing page, you can see all important information about the catalog which helps you to take any kind of action on the catalog. You can check orders, Incomplete orders, inquiries, views, interests and list of products. You can delete the catalog and can create new catalog easily.
Many times brands do not want to reveal their products to unknown clients or to all clients. They can choose this feature to achieve this business need. While creating the catalog, you can select the specific mobile numbers from your phonebook, who can only see your catalog. Isn’t it amazing?
Once your catalog is ready, you can share this via Whatsapp to all your whatsapp contacts. They will see your catalog link, catalog image and some text defining the catalog. You can also share the catalog via sms, email, facebook, Instagram and linkedin with our share feature. This will increase your brand visibility in a couple of clicks and will generate quick sales for you.
Sellingo tracks your customer’s activity and updates you about his/her behavior, which will help you to generate more sales. Whenever your customer opens the catalog, sellingo sends you a notification, so you know that your customer is viewing the catalog. This is counted as Views on your catalog.
Whenever your customer opens the catalog and takes any action on your product, like viewing product details, zooming the image, watching the video, Sellingo considers this as an “Interest” in your product and also adds this as an interest on your catalog. This will tell you more insights about the traction on your product as well as the reason for high sales or low sales.
Sellingo is build to get you a quick order. Whenever the customer is watching your product, Sellingo offers him to choose and add a product in his cart/basket. He can define the quantity and can also share his remarks for that particular product within that order. Once customer hits the ORDER NOW, Sellingo takes all necessary information from the customer and sends a notification to you so that you can take quick action. Once the order is processed, you can change the order status [ Shipped / Closed / Cancelled ] on the app. This will help you to calculate your ROI [ return on investment ] from Sellingo.
Sellingo gives one of the most flexible subscription plans to its users. You can buy/upgrade/downgrade any plan, anytime without losing a single penny. Whenever you change your plan, Sellingo calculates the amount consumed from your previous subscription and charges you on pro-rata basis. This makes Sellingo as one of the most customer-friendly platforms. Sellingo also offers you a wallet system that helps you to buy quick add-ons and upgrade your plan in minimum clicks.
Apart from giving you the fabulous features under our various subscription plans, sellingo has also created some additional features which are termed as Addons. These add-ons can really make your business more simple and quick. You need to buy a subscription first and only then can you buy the addons.
Our standard plans are built to cater to the most common use of our customers. The Addons are developed by keeping some special tasks, special industry and special geography in our mind and hence these are kept separate. This also helps us to keep the prices of our standard plans affordable for masses and to use the technology to grow faster.
Every sellingo coupon code is generated with some expiry date or some specific usage. These can be for specific person or group or specific usage count [ Like first 100 ] or Some specific subscription plan. Please check the coupon details again and you will get this answer surely. In case you still need more details, please contact our support team @ [email protected] and they will help you to get a discount if valid.
When you are adding products on Sellingo and want to define the color, size, weight, length, height, material, quality or any such information which helps the buyer to know more about your product and also helps him to buy the product, we term these items as product attributes. By default, you can add upto TEN attributes with any of your products. In case you want to add more, please check and our available addon “More Attributes”. It will allow your to add 20 Attributes of any product.
Sellingo team has created a complete Tutorial to make our product DIY [Do it yourself]. Please check Here to get all the details.
Yes, we have customized packages available which can be discussed with our sales team @ [email protected]. We provide a dedicated account manager to you who will be one point of contact for you for all kinds of support. Sellingo is committed for the business growth of every individual as well as every business or trade organization.
Yes, Sellingo is build to give strength to every individual to work in his own language. To begin with, Sellingo is having English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati languages on our platform. Very soon it will be available in all Indian languages.
Yes, Data security has been given the highest priority while developing Sellingo. Our company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, which ensures the Quality. We are also ISO 27001 certified, which ensures Internet Security Management System ie data security.
Do you mean, you want your catalog on your domain name, example www.cozyhomes.com instead of https://cozyhomes.sellingo.ai? Yes, it is possible. For this, you have to buy our addon “My Domain” from our Addons and have to change your domain name in your profile. Please check the instructions given here https://sellingo.ai/tutorials#mydomain and you can have your own private labeled catalog.
In case unfortunately you could not renew your subscription, our system will suspend your account and will keep your data intact for 90 days. Post this period, all your data will be deleted from our platform.